Mission To North America Disaster Response

Charles H. Jones Family Disaster Relief Center

Relief CenterMNA Disaster Response has purchased a large campus in Rome, Georgia, and is in the process of renovating it to become a disaster readiness hub. The purpose is to store large quantities of disaster response supplies and equipment, and to provide a permanent training center where volunteers gain proficiency in disaster response mercy ministry.

This facet of MNA Disaster Response’s ministry was made possible in very large part due to the anchor gift from the Jones Family Foundation.

About the Charles H. Jones Disaster Center
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How can individuals and churches participate?

We are praying with deep desire for your participation in the following ways:

Volunteering: We depend on volunteers regularly serving at the warehouse, especially in the early days of new responses. Opportunities exist for individuals and church mission teams, including second career folks, and youth teams to volunteer by assisting with warehouse operations, relief-kit assembly, grounds maintenance, and with delivery of supplies and equipment to established worksites. This is a perfect opportunity for churches that are located in the Birmingham, Atlanta, and Chattanooga area. Since the warehouse is nearby and within 120 miles, day trips may be preferred. For teams further away, over-nighting is an option.  Many hotels are within a few miles and other options exist with local churches.

Financial Partnership: We appreciate your support. Please prayerfully consider adding the warehouse to your yearly budget or making a one-time gift. We are currently appealing for 52 permanent donors that will each designate $1,000 a year to purchase one week of our fixed cost operations budget. Would you prayerfully consider hosting one week of our fixed cost to operate the warehouse?

Contact MNA Disaster Response to learn more about donating by calling 678-294-3012 or you can send your gift to:

Mission To North America
O. Box 890233
Charlotte NC  28289-2033