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  • Download and complete all of the required forms, and mail your complete proposal to P.O. Box 7245, Macon, GA 31209
  • Send five (5) copies
  • Do not send additional information not requested by the Foundation
  • Include the appropriate attachments

Letter of Intent

The Foundation requires an initial Letter of Intent (also referred to as Letter of Inquiry or Query Letter). The purpose of the Letter of Intent is to provide the Foundation with notice of your intention to apply for funding. The Letter of Intent provides applicants the opportunity to obtain initial feedback on a proposal or project idea and whether it is a suitable fit to the Foundation’s stated purpose. It should be 1- 2 pages and include the following:

  • Description of the idea or project
  • Indication of how the project connects to the grant maker’s areas of interest
  • Indication of who would be responsible for managing the project, including potential collaborators
  • An estimate of project cost and the amount you intend to request for the project in your proposal

Cover Sheet

The purpose of the Cover Sheet is to provide essential data about the organization. The first section is used to provide contact information. The second is for organizational information and the third section is about your request.

The Cover Sheet Form asks that you distinguish this proposal’s “Priority funding area of the grant maker.” The priority area you identify should be consistent with that stated in the Foundation’s guidelines. In this section, please explain why this proposal fits the priorities of the Foundation.


Full Proposal Narrative

The Full Proposal Narrative should accompany the Cover Sheet and should be no longer than three (3) single spaced pages.

Tips and Strategies

  • Demonstrate your organization’s commitment and uniqueness in your proposal
  • Be clear and concise; be thorough yet strive for brevity
  • Acknowledge similar programs and awareness of relevant data
  • Set measurable goals and objectives
This form is divided into three sections: Organizational Information, Proposal Information, and Budget Information.

Budget Information – This purpose of this section is to provide a budget narrative. Please justify your requested amount for the different line items. Also, use this section to explain other funding you may be receiving or seeking to receive for this proposal as well as any special circumstance you would like to explain to the Foundation. Use the Budget Form below to specify budget income and expenses.


Budget Information Forms

The Budget Form is a document that provides The Foundation with a proposal request and the program/organizational budget on one worksheet. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

The Budget Form worksheet has three sections:

  • Request Amount in this proposal and the expenses line items to which the grant would be applied
  • Project Budget
  • Total Organization Budget
For example, your requested amount might be $20,000. Enter that amount in the column marked This Request and expenses related to the requested amount. The total budget for the project might be $100,000. In the column titled Total Project Budget complete the income sources and enter total project expenses for the project. Finally, the total organizational budget might be $500,000. Under that section, enter all income sources, including the project. Then enter the total organizational budget expenses.

View Example Form

Be sure to enter your organization name at the top of the worksheet, along with your Federal Identification Number (FIN) and the fiscal year in which the grant will be spent in the spaces provided.

We have provided two additional lines to enter other expense items. Write in the type of expense in the left column. If you use a simple administrative overhead budgeting process, use one of the other expense lines to enter that amount, and then make sure to include a footnote that explains what items are covered by that administrative overhead rate.

At the bottom of the Budget Form is a space for any footnotes or clarifications you would like to make regarding your budget information.


Diversity Data Form

The purpose of this form is to represent The Foundation’s dedication and commitment to diversity. This worksheet is a document to provide information about your organization. Information provided should represent the number and percentages at the time of your submission of this proposal.


List of Necessary Attachments

  • Current Financial Reports (Balance Sheet and P/L Statements)
  • Multi-year budget for multi-year programs (if applicable)
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • IRS Form 990 or Form 990EZ*
  • List of Board of Trustees/Directors (with affiliations)
  • Organizational strategic plan (if applicable)
  • Letters of support
  • Resumes of key project personnel
  • IRS determination letter of 501(c)3 status
  • Annual Report (if you have one)

*Please note that if you are using a fiscal agent, you may be required to submit financial information, including audited financial statements and/or Form 990s for that fiscal agent.